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Hendrik Tews


I am a formal methods engineering manager at FireEye in Dresden.
(Until November 2013 I was a postdoc at the operating system chair of Dresden University of Technology.)

Contact Info

You can find me at

FireEye office
Wilsdruffer Straße 27
phone: +49 351 8503 4745
snail mail: FireEye, Wilsdruffer Str. 27, 01067 Dresden

Eisenacher Straße 19
01309 Dresden
Phone: +49 351 8745389

For some background information about me, have a look at my cv.

Teaching Science Software Miscellaneous

Wissend, daß Wissende niemals etwas gegen den drohenden Untergang ihrer Kultur/Zivilisation haben ausrichten können.

[Knowing that knowledgable people have never been able to do anything against the impending demise of their civilization.]

Christa Wolf

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