Application Programming Notes

Java CardTM Platform
Version 2.2.1

October, 2003

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1. Using the Object Deletion Mechanism, and Package and Applet Deletion

Object Deletion Mechanism

Requesting the Object Deletion Mechanism

Guidelines on Using the Object Deletion Mechanism

Package and Applet Deletion

Guidelines for Developing Removable Packages

Guidelines for Writing Removable Applets

2. Working with Logical Channels

Applets and Logical Channels

Non-multiselectable Applets

Multiselectable Applets

Understanding the MultiSelectable Interface

Applet Selection for MultiSelectable Applets

Applet Deselection for MultiSelectable Applets

Writing Multiselectable Applets

A MultiSelectable Applet Example

Writing ISO 7816-4-compliant Applets

Applet Firewall Operation Requirements

ISO 7816-4 Specific APDU Commands for Logical Channel Management

3. Developing RMI Applications for the Java Card Platform

Steps for Developing an RMI Applet for the Java Card Platform

Generating Stubs

Running a Java Card RMI Applet

Running the Java Card RMI Client Program

Basic Example

The Main Program

Building an Applet

Writing a Client

Card Terminal Interaction

Adding Security

Implementing a Security Service

Building an Applet

Writing a Client


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