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Appendix   D

Reference Implementation of Java Card RMI Client-Side API

This appendix contains documentation for the Reference Implementation of the Java Card RMI client-side API.

Package ocfrmiclientimpl

The package com.sun.javacard.ocfrmiclientimpl contains implementations of the classes and interfaces from the package com.sun.javacard.javax.smartcard.rmiclient. It also contains implementations of classes and interfaces inherited from java.rmi.server.RemoteRef and opencard.core.service.CardType.

This implementation of ocfrmiclientimpl requires that an OCF framework is installed on the terminal.

API Documentation

The remainder of this appendix contains API documentation for the reference implementation of the Java Card RMI client-side API, package com.sun.javacard.ocfrmiclientimpl. This package demonstrates remote stub customization using the RMIC compiler generated stubs and OCF-based card access for Java Card applets.


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