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Chapter   8

Generating a CAP File from a Java Card Assembly File

Use the capgen tool to generate a CAP file from a given Java Card Assembly file. The CAP file which is generated has the same contents as a CAP file produced by the Converter. The capgen tool is a backend to the Converter.

Running capgen

The file to invoke capgen is a shell script (capgen) on the Solaris or Linux platform, and a batch file (capgen.bat) on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform.

Command line syntax for capgen is:

capgen [-options] <filename> 

where <filename> is the Java Card Assembly file.

Command Line Options

The option values and their actions are:

TABLE 14  –  capgen Command Line Options
Prints a help message.
Suppresses all banner messages.
-o <filename>
Allows you to specify an output file. If the output file is not specified with the -o flag, output defaults to the file a.jar in the current directory.
Outputs the version information.


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