TABLE P-1 small spaceTypographic Convention Typefaces

TABLE 2-1 small spaceBinary Release Directories and Files

TABLE 2-2 small spaceDirectory Structure for Sample Programs and Demonstrations

TABLE 3-1 small spaceDirectories and Files demo Directory

TABLE 3-2 small spaceSubdirectories and Demonstrations demo2 Directory

TABLE 3-3 small spacebuild_samples Command Line Options

TABLE 3-4 small spaceAuthenticate User Command

TABLE 4-1 small spaceCommand Line Options for Java Card WDE

TABLE 5-1 small spaceConverter Command Line Arguments

TABLE 5-2 small spaceConverter Command Line Options

TABLE 6-1 small spaceexp2text Command Line Options

TABLE 7-1 small spaceverifycap Command Line Arguments

TABLE 7-2 small spaceverifyexp Command Line Argument

TABLE 7-3 small spaceverifycap, verifyexp, verifyrev Command Line Options

TABLE 8-1 small spacecapgen Command Line Options

TABLE 10-1 small spaceName and Location of cref Executables

TABLE 10-2 small spaceRuntime Environment Command Line Options

TABLE 11-1 small spacescriptgen Command Line Options

TABLE 11-2 small spaceSet Default Applets on Different Logical Channels

TABLE 11-3 small spaceSelect APDU Command

TABLE 11-4 small spaceResponse APDU Command

TABLE 11-5 small spaceCAP Begin APDU Command

TABLE 11-6 small spaceCAP End APDU Command

TABLE 11-7 small spaceComponent ## Begin APDU Command

TABLE 11-8 small spaceComponent ## End APDU Command

TABLE 11-9 small spaceComponent ## Data APDU Command

TABLE 11-10 small spaceCreate Applet APDU Command

TABLE 11-11 small spaceAbort APDU Command

TABLE 11-12 small spaceAPDU Responses to Installation Requests

TABLE 11-13 small spaceDelete Package Command

TABLE 11-14 small spaceDelete Package and Applets Command

TABLE 11-15 small spaceDelete Applet Command

TABLE 11-16 small spaceAPDU Responses to Deletion Requests

TABLE 11-17 small spaceAPDU Response Format

TABLE 12-1 small spaceapdutool Command Line Options

TABLE 12-2 small spaceSupported APDU Script File Commands

TABLE 13-1 small spaceAlgorithms Implemented by the Cryptography Classes

TABLE B-1 small spaceName:Value Pairs MANIFEST.MF File