Ocaml minor garbage collector: Syntax tree

I applied the ast_graph tool to the file byterun/minor_gc.c in the Ocaml 3.09.3 distribution. With about 15.000 nodes and 21.000 edges its syntax tree is not really big. However, it still big enough to get most viewer software into trouble. On the right hand side you see a small part of it (about 0.5%) reduced to a 2000x1743 pixels. The greyish something at the bottom of the page is the full tree, reduced to 8000x599.

You can download the following versions:

[minor_gc-detail.png.gz] detail (as on the right hand side) as png 8576 x 6777
[minor_gc.ps.gz] complete tree, postscript
[minor_gc-pages.ps.gz] complete tree, postscript, paginated (use small magnification in case gv complains)
[minor_gc.fig.gz] complete tree, xfig
[minor_gc.dot.gz] complete tree, dot

Please let me know, if you can display the whole graph in a better way than with gv or xfig (especially with more convenient scrolling and sooming).

syntax tree of ocaml's
  minor garbage collector
full syntax tree of minor_gc.c

last changed on 22 Mar 2011 by Hendrik