Selected Java Card Documentation

Some of the documentation that is included in the Java Card Development Kit (downloadable here) seems not to be available online. I therefore copied it here, hopefully I am not violating any of the licences I clicked through.

I am providing version 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 here, because on the one hand I was told that the available real java cards implement 2.2.1 only. On the other hand some material is only available in 2.2.2.

Development Kit User's Guide

Version 2.2.1 residing in doc/en/guides/html/binary
Version 2.2.2 residing in doc/en/guides/html

The users guide describes, among other stuff, the two java card emulators from SUN: jcref, the Java Card platform reference implementation and jcwde, the java card platform workstation development environment.

apduio Package

The package com.sun.javacard.apduio makes it possible to speak to cref and jcwde from an ordinary java application, without using apdutool. Some hints on how to use it are in the application programming notes, see below. Documentation about the package apduio is only included in version 2.2.2. However, the jar file is (with apparently slightly different API) also included in 2.2.1.

apduio API documentation residing in doc/en/dev-notes/html/apduiojavadocs

Application Programming Notes

There are some hints on how to work with the apduio library in version 2.2.2.

version 2.2.1 residing in doc/en/devnotes/html
version 2.2.2 residing in doc/en/dev-notes/html

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