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TABLE 1 Directories and Files Installed for the Binary Release

TABLE 2 Directory Structure for Sample Programs and Demonstrations

TABLE 3 Directories and Files in the demo Directory

TABLE 4 Subdirectories and Demonstrations in the demo2 Directory

TABLE 5 build_samples Command Line Options

TABLE 6 Authenticate User Command

TABLE 7 Command Line Options for Java Card WDE

TABLE 8 Converter Command Line Arguments

TABLE 9 Converter Command Line Options

TABLE 10 exp2txt Command Line Options

TABLE 11 verifycap Command Line Arguments

TABLE 12 verifyexp Command Line Argument

TABLE 13 verifycap, verifyexp, verifyrev Command Line Options

TABLE 14 capgen Command Line Options

TABLE 15 Name and Location of cref Executables

TABLE 16 Runtime Environment Command Line Options

TABLE 17 scriptgen Command Line Options

TABLE 18 Select APDU Command

TABLE 19 Response APDU Command

TABLE 20 CAP Begin APDU Command

TABLE 21 CAP End APDU Command

TABLE 22 Component ## Begin APDU Command

TABLE 23 Component ## End APDU Command

TABLE 24 Component ## Data APDU Command

TABLE 25 Create Applet APDU Command

TABLE 26 Abort APDU Command

TABLE 27 APDU Responses to Installation Requests

TABLE 28 Delete Package Command

TABLE 29 Delete Package and Applets Command

TABLE 30 Delete Applet Command

TABLE 31 APDU Responses to Deletion Requests

TABLE 32 APDU Response Format

TABLE 33 apdutool Command Line Options

TABLE 34 Supported APDU Script File Commands

TABLE 35 Algorithms Implemented by the Cryptography Classes

TABLE 36 Name:Value Pairs in the MANIFEST.MF File


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Java Card Platform, Version 2.2.1